Diamond Information

Diamond Information

The Quality and Value of a Diamond is determined by the 4 C's.
Diamonds with the highest 4C ratios are the rarest and therefore the most valuable.

The Four C's of Diamonds are:

Cut   • Colour   • Clarity   • Carat Weight

Diamond Cut

The Cut Grade measures how the individual proportions combine to effect the beauty of a diamond.

Diamonds with a high cut grade will have a high degree of brightness, fire / rainbow colours,) and scintillation (sparkle).

  • High cut grades include "Excellent and 'Very Good"
  • Midrange includes "Good"
  • Low end includes "Fair" and "Poor"

Excellent + / Very Good

Excellent Cut Diamond

These diamonds will have a high degree of brilliance, fire and scintillation.
(Quasar Diamond Range)


Good Cut Diamond

This grade will generally be a bit darker or lacking scintillation.


Fair Cut Diamond

Diamonds in this category lack brightness, fire and scintillation.


Poor Cut Diamond

Diamonds in this category show very little brightness, fire and scintillation.

Diamond Colour

Quasar diamonds are graded using the GIA and HRD colour grading scale (D-Z). Most diamonds are colourless to slightly yellow. The highest grade is "D" or colourless (exceptional white +).

Diamond Colours

Diamond Clarity

All diamonds contain imperfections. The very best, and rarest, clarity is Internally Flawless (IF).
Because many inclusions are not visible to the naked eye, diamonds are graded under lOx magnification.

Diamond Clarity

Diamond Carat Weight

Diamond weight is measured in carats and points. There are 100 points in a carat.
One carat = 0.2grams and one point = 2 milligrams.

Carat Weights