Jewellery Remodelling & Repairs

Jewellery Remodelling and Repairs

At Goldsmiths Gallery we specialise in Jewellery Remodelling and Repairs, with Hamilton's largest jewellery design workshop you can be sure that your jewellery remodelling or repair is in good hands.

old jewellery to remodel or repair

Jewellery Remodelling

We love taking an old piece of jewellery and crafting it into a gorgeous new design.
This is a cost effective way to achieve a superb look for a lesser price, as we use your metal to craft the piece, so all you pay for is labour.
So drag out those old, broken chains or rings to make a gorgeous new ring, pendant or bangle!

Jewellery Repairs

Jewellery Repairs

Whether it be a simple repair, or an antique restoration our in store jewellers can offer a wide range of advice.

Moreover, you can be rest assured that your jewellery is safe as all repairs are undertaken on the premises.

Contact us to remodel or repair your jewellery.