Computer Designed Jewellery

Computer Designed Jewellery

Have you ever been unsure about having a piece of jewellery custom made because of the fear that on completion you wouldn't be happy with the finished product?

Well, those days are over with the newest cutting edge technology here at Goldsmiths Gallery.

We have a Roland wax milling machine and CAD jewellery design programme.

Design It

computer designed jewellery

See It

example design for jewellery

Create It

the cad image of custom designed jewellery

Love It

finished custom cad designed jewellery

Using the computer programme we are able to design rings, pendants, earrings, bracelets and brooches for our customers. You able to see a 3D image of what your unique piece of jewellery would look like.

The image can be rotated and viewed from all angles. This allows for all proportions, dimensions, shapes and colours to be arranged or altered to get the look just right - no more hand drawn sketches.

Once we have finalised a design we are able to mill out a wax model for the customer to view. The wax models are made to the exact size that the finished product will be so it is possible to try on the piece of jewellery, albeit in green wax.

Any changes can be made at this stage. This is much more cost effective to the customer at this formative wax stage as all it takes is a few strokes at the computer keys, rather than labour intensive work on metal. Once any changes are made the item then gets cast off into the metal of choice, perfectly, first time!

We have found this process of designing to be very rewarding. We pride ourselves on spending as much time as needed with our customers before making something for them, and finding out exactly what they want, which we find works well, and this new system has just added another option for our customers.

Our Customers have really responded to the process of going from viewing the jewellery we have in stock to viewing a 3D image, and then viewing a wax model, trying it on, and then seeing and loving the completed piece of jewellery.

To find out more about this exciting new design process come and see us
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So head in to the Goldsmiths Gallery for the modern jewellery experience!